Sunday, November 29, 2009

Surprised cat is surprised

A few weeks ago the hubs and I decided that we'll just give each other one (lovely) gift this year, plus stocking stuffers. A few days after that I told him the perfect stocking stuffer for me would be a little gray kitten with white socks. Riley needs a friend to play with! Today a friend posted this video on her Facebook page, and now I know my choice of stocking stuffer is the right one. Think Santa will deliver?

(PS - Every time I type "Santa" I have to double-check and make sure I didn't type "Satan." I don't think the latter delivers adorable fuzzy kittens to one's hearth. Unless it's an exceptionally evil adorable fuzzy kitten.)


Dedalus1947 said...

Dear Caroline:
I love you're blog, but sometimes (when I'm feeling old and wise) I think you go a little over the top with "girly" sentiment and emotion. Kittens, mushy songs, evocative art, and ethereal beauty are sometimes a little too much for me. However, I pray that your husband appreciates (and grows to treasure) your "absurdist" perspective on life. How do you find these videos? That kitten can't be real! (Oh my God he is!) Thanks for continually reminding me that the magical has a place in our world.

Ms. Pants said...

Dude, I watched this video so many times this weekend! (Surprised Kitten looks very much like mini-wee Bel from back in the day.) I also had to send it on to my mama. Cos really--the cute is too much!

And I think you should either get a kitten or a baby. But get the kitten first. Cos then you can go for the bambina and be like, "What? We can't get rid of the kitten now!!!"

Not like you haven't already thought of that.... :-p


drollgirl said...

this video is THE BEST!!!

and i like the idea of a gift from satan. ahahha!!!! THAT IS HILARIOUS! typos can be so fun. :)

Hello. My name is Allison. said...

I have seen this a zillion times and each time I giggle like a loon! Thanks for the giggles!!!! OXO