Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Vendor-Client Relationship

Welcome to my life. (And the life of every copywriter/photographer/designer/videographer/actor/musician/anyone in any creative field.)

How do we put a stop to this nonsense? Stop accepting less than what you're worth. Writers, stop accepting $2 per article because you think you need clips. (Here's a clue - if you can't get a better paying gig than that, writing should not be your profession. Do you understand that major mags pay $1 per word?) Photographers, $300 to shoot a wedding? Really? $300 for an 8-10 hour day of shooting under the most demanding conditions plus 20-40 hours of post editing plus covering all of your expenses, including a real big girl camera and lenses? $50 to design a website? Are you all insane?  Do you realize you're just screwing yourselves? Again, I reiterate: if you can't get jobs that pay better than this, you're in the wrong business. You're dragging down the market.


seesaw designs said...

we can relate to this video all too well...