Friday, August 7, 2009

John Hughes

One of my favorite directors of all time, John Hughes, died yesterday of a heart attack at the ridiculous age of 59. I won't write his obit here - you can read the article I wrote yesterday about his life on - but I do want to share this incredible tribute montage someone put together on YouTube. Love the increasingly frenzied dancing at the end.

This summer's a bummer. The 80's are dying. I hope Madonna's had a recent check-up.


Dedalus1947 said...

Nice job! The video and the obit.

I discovered the works of John Hughes through my children who watched his movies in their teenage years in the 90's. The movies gave me a great insight into my children, and they reminded me of what it was really like in high school.

John's death is a great loss, but he leaves behind a legacy of timeless art, stories, and memories.