Thursday, August 13, 2009


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When it rains, it pours... I have been blessed to have more than enough work to keep me busy this summer. I know far too many people who have no work, and am very grateful that my well is not dry. This week has been one of many deadlines, so many that I was so busy with one yesterday that I forgot about another and missed it. I got it in today, and luckily it was for a longtime client with whom I enjoy a great relationship, but still... No bueno.

But I truly can not complain about having too much work when others have none. I can not complain about a lifestyle in which my commute is generally from my bed to my home office in my PJs to write, and to beautiful places with beautiful people to photograph. No Office Space for me.

Speaking of beautiful places (and beautiful people), another lovely benefit of this self-made lifestyle of mine is that since I can work from wherever I want, I can pretty much go wherever I want whenever I want (as budgets allow, of course). Next week that means I'll be traveling back to the beach where I married, to enjoy 8 days of sand and sunshine with my family and meet up with an old friend or two. And only one or two deadlines.