Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jennifer Garner in W

Wow. For the last several years, with the exception of the very occasional movie premiere, every time we've seen Jennifer Garner she's been in jeans and sweatshirts with her holey underwear hanging out, picking up her kids from school. This month, W glammed her back up to Sydney Bristow undercover levels.

Gorgeous. Her jawline photographs so beautifully. Love the late 60's sex kitten vibe she's got going on. This issue should be waiting for me when I get home from LA next week!

Ah yes, I am in LA. Staying downtown, which is a part of the city I've never spent time in before. I've hung out in Marina del Rey, Santa Monica, etc. but not downtown proper. It's very different that I expected - very much like an East Coast city. My husband is here working as well, and since we're with different companies we have different rooms at different hotels. This works out well because due to the nature of my gig I have to bring like pageant levels of beauty products with me, and I can spread it all out without worrying about getting in his way. We take turns staying in each other's rooms. My room is larger and more comfortable, but his has a stunning view.

This morning I looked out the window and noticed a film crew below! They were setting up a walking shot with a bunch of extras and two main actors. Unfortunately I was too high up to be able to make out who they were, except that there was a man and a woman, they both had dark hair and she was considerably taller than him. There was another guy wandering around who resembled (as much as I could tell from so far away) Russell Brand - tall, lanky with wild dark hair. He wasn't part of the crew, but he definitely belonged there and held himself a bit apart from everyone else. I've been on lots of sets before, but it was really interesting to watch it from above and see everything going on all at once.


drollgirl said...

wow! she has never looked so good! amazing shots!

and i hope you enjoy your time in la. downtown is kind of WEIRD, especially at night. but if you like art, you might want to visit moca. they have great art, and admission used to be free on thursday nights (hopefully it still is)! 213-621-2766. haha. i used to work there and still remember the phone number!

Dedalus1947 said...

Downtown LA is too "western" (i.e. modern) to have the old world character that eastern cities do. They make up for it in ethnic diversity. Checkout Chinatown, Grand Central Market, Union Station, and Olvera Street. You know what, just walk around and take the metro (Something we Angelenos rarely do). It's nice having you in town! Have fun!