Thursday, October 15, 2009

Nicole & Joe Scottsdale Engagement Photos

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Nicole and Joe joined me last week for a really fun engagement shoot! Nicole is a model (gorgeous, no?) so she was very comfortable working the camera, but her fiance Joe was a bit more reticent. Okay, a lot more reticent. However, Nicole knew just how to get him to relax and soon he was having fun and they were being silly, goofy and loving together -- the perfect recipe for engagement photos with personality!

Nicole shows off her ring while Joe whispers a silly joke about dancing the tango...

How sweet! (Until he tried to shove it up her nose... Goofing, of course!)

This shot drove me a little crazy... Neither the wall nor the bench were flush to the ground. Both were angled in opposite directions. I opted to negate the angle of the bench, but in doing so the wall behind them seems a little wonky. Gotta love that terra cotta color, though.

(Click on this for a full-size view - it's totally worth it!)
Talk about personality! They demonstrated their secret handshake for me as I snapped away. (Guess it's not so secret now that I put it on the internet...)

This was one of the last shots of the session, and also my personal favorite. Very big and dramatic, just like falling in love feels.

Best wishes to Nicole and Joe, and thanks for such a great shoot!

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Ann Marie said...

so fantastic! you did a great job. i think portraits are the hardest for me because i have a hard time getting the subjects to relax. you did oh so great! they look wonderful.

p.s. my sister lives in scottsdale!

Caroline said...

Ann Marie, do get in touch the next time you visit her!

drollgirl said...

i love these shots!!! they look so great!!! :)

Lauren K said...

What lovely photos! They look so in love.