Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Casper the Commuter Cat

Been spending the week getting our home ready for the arrival of a VIG (Very Important Guest)... Kai's father is visiting from South Africa for three weeks and gets here Saturday morning! Visitors are the perfect excuse to get all those odds and ends done around the house. I've sorted out all the closets, gone through all of my clothes and gathered three bags worth to bring to HALO Animal Rescue's resale shop, repainted the living room, washed the curtains, got a new living room rug and a matching one for the entryway, finally put a bed frame on the bed in the guest room, put new bookshelves in the guest room that coordinate with the rest of the furniture and hid the new ones that don't behind the couch as a sofa table, gave the grout in our tile floors a good scrubbing, gave the pussycat a hair cut (tummy and butt fur only)... We still need to hang additional shelves in the laundry room, wash the baseboards, tidy our own bathroom, drop off the stuff we want to donate (the aforementioned clothes and an old TV), drop a broken DVD player at our town's electronics recycling center, and tidy our office. And I need to plan some menus and go grocery shopping.

Sigh. I think I'd rather go for a ride on the bus through the English countryside with Casper. (FF the video to 10 seconds in past the advertisement.)


Unknown said...

Ohh that is adorable.. lol

drollgirl said...

DANG, you are a house on fire! wow!

and that video?!?!? ha ha hah!

The Queen of Hearts said...

This is too precious for words...I'm sending this to my best friend and avid kitty lover. : )