Friday, May 15, 2009

Shorts Emergency

Do yourself a favor: go buy these shorts in every color in your size immediately.

I had a bit of a crisis last weekend. While getting ready to head up to Lake Pleasant to spend the night on a good and generous friend's boat, I discovered that out of a drawer full of shorts only one pair fit me without looking completely obscene or giving me the dreaded muffin top. This, of course, promptly lead to a complete and total emotional breakdown cured only by many glasses of sangria. 

I later realized that the cause of this was not that I had become obese overnight (although try convincing me of that at the time), but that most of the drawer had been bought when I was what a pesky (and let's face it: envious) doctor may have called "underweight." After all, I watch what I eat and spend lots of time at the gym.

Nevertheless, this lady needed some shorts. Woe is me, I have to go shopping? Only one of my favorite activities ever. And I'm going to let you in on a dirty little secret: I love Forever 21.

I'm not sure how old is too old to shop at Forever 21. I guess it depends on the outfit. I won't be prancing about in a hot pink satin strapless mini-dress with a tulle-lined bubble skirt (although don't think I'm not tempted). I love their sundresses and many of their tops, and have fallen in love with these shorts, which have completely and utterly restored my formerly fragile emotional state.

They are made of a substantial linen that doesn't wrinkle when breathed upon and have pockets and the cutest little self-tie belt. I got them a size larger than I normally would so they hang down on my hips a bit, which gives them some extra length without appearing to be about to fall off me. I bought the white and the brick - actually a lot closer to coral in person, FYI.

I didn't get the black because my black shorts were the one pair in the drawer that fit.


Lolla said...

pretty they are indeed, i'm just not sure if i still have the legs to wear shorts, haha. i tend to go for dresses and skirts mostly, lately.