Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pure Packaging

This is not a post about bottled water. I think bottled water is ridiculous in theory and incredibly wasteful in practice - from the waste generated by all that plastic or glass, and the energy needed to produce and transport it all, then to recycle the bottles if they are not just tossed in the trash, which they usually are. Quite frankly, most bottled water is from municipal water sources - the same place your tap water comes from. So suck it up and buy a Brita filter and some stainless steel bottles. Save yourself some money.

Now I will step off my soapbox and talk about this beautiful bottle. It reminds me a lot of the the packaging used by Philosophy bath and beauty products; if I'm not mistaken, the font is the same. Simple, classic, pure. It reminds me of old fashioned seltzer bottles. How lovely it would be to repurpose these as vases, filled with clear glass marbles and a single large bloom?


Kate said...

you're right, it's lovely and works better than fussy images doesnt it? And I love the idea of re-using them as vases too :)

Dallas Shaw said...

it's perfect- and reusable- where can i get one?!