Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Vanity Fair: The Portraits

Photo copyright Michael Thompson 2000.

My Riley Face Pussycat Head III, Esq. generously gifted me with a $30 card to Borders for my birthday. That combined with a 40% off coupon left me absolutely no excuse not to treat myself to a book I've been lusting after since its publication last autumn: Vanity Fair - The Portraits.

The photo above is of Julianne Moore, recreating Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres's masterpiece La Grande Odalisque.  There are so many lovely portraits, going back to the beginnings of the Golden Age of Hollywood to present.

Some of my favorites...

Gloria Swanson, actress and fashion icon:

Copyright Conde Nast Publications.

Hilary Swank, running on a beach in Malibu:

Copyright Norma Jean Roy 2005.

Julia Roberts reaching full career trajectory in the 90's.

Herb Ritz, 1993

So lovely, so evocative of their personalities and those specific times in their lives, and something for to which this photographer shall aspire!


Fine Little Day said...

Hilary Swank, kind of unreal.