Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The First Couple

The gravity of this day is tempered, I think, by this moment, this look between a husband and wife, a private look on the most public of stages. Pride and love. 

Their partnership brought them to this place. Michelle was the family's main breadwinner for many years, before her husband wrote his first book and got on the bestsellers list, when he was working grassroots, community jobs and as a state senator. What a ride!

I hope they still look at each other like this eight (yeah I said it) years from now.


stephanie levy said...

That is an amazing photo. It makes me even get teary. My husband can not understand why I get so emotional about the Obamas (but he is German) - even for me it is difficult to understand...

I love the title "blue satin sashes" - my daughter has recently discovered the Sound of Music and adores it :)

Happy new year and thanks for dropping by!