Monday, November 24, 2008


Butterflies Journal, $7.99 Peter Pauper Press

Yesterday was a weird day, that I'm still trying to make sense of...

Spent the beginning of the day on a plane, coming home from Memphis, where I was working all weekend. (That's another story...)

I came home to several checks for which I've been waiting, which was good, but one of them opened a big can of worms, was for far less than it should have been, and long story short, slapped me across the face with a professional - and personal, because when isn't it? - betrayal. 

I have felt like I've been on the verge of a cold all weekend, probably something I picked up on the plane.

My sister met with a medium at a party over the weekend, and got to speak with my beloved late grandmother, who had all sorts of interesting things to say! It was an experience that was sorely needed by my sister, who is going through a rough time right now. But it made me think of how much fun she would have had at my wedding, were she still with us, and how I wish things were easier for my sister.

Anyway, I'm feeling a little blah, and I hate feeling that way, because what do I really have to feel all that blah about? I have a career I love, a wonderful marriage (to a husband who picked me up at the airport with a grande pumpkin spice latte at the ready!), a healthy family, food on the table and some money in the bank. 

I write in my gratitude journal often - not every day like I want to, but I strive to do it more and more - and I find it to be the single most important way to remind me of how blessed I truly am. On the days that it seems like a struggle to find gratitude, it illuminates those things in life that are truly important - your family. Your friends. Shelter. The ability to breathe. It refocuses my mind on the good, the positives, and spins the negatives into gifts, too.

Try it! Five things for which you are grateful, each entry. See how much more important the "little" things actually become.


Anonymous said...

I love the idea of a gratitude journal, in fact I'm going to start one tonight, so thank you. I know how you feel, it's a sense of ennui as the french would say, a restlessness, longing, who knows why? Maybe so you could write something so beautiful as you just did to inspire someone like me to start a journal. You never know what's gonna affect who but please know you just had a good and positive one on me! Happy Holidays!