Tuesday, December 2, 2008

iPhone Skins...

Brandi Milne - Tea Party

I finally bought myself an iPhone! We are a Mac family in this house -- our grand total is now up to an iMac, a Mac Book, and iBook, two iPhones, an iPod Nano and various Mac accessories. We might singlehandedly be keeping Apple stock afloat.

Anyhoo, I've been looking for some covers for mine because I know what happens when I toss things into my purse. They become covered with scratches and lip gloss (not sure how that happens, as the cover is always on the lip gloss when I check. Evil lip gloss gnomes?). The ones they had at the Apple store were pretty generic, or made of florescent rubber -- neither of which were my style. There was a beautiful deep red faux croc skin one, but it was almost $60 and I won't pay that for faux anything.

I was checking out the other day at the suggestion of Kristy who Tweeted about it the other day. They had a link to Gelaskins, where I found tons of beautiful, original skins for my iPhone 3G!  Some designs are based on classic artworks, and some are by modern graphic designers. All are way cool. Here are some of my favorites:

Colin Tompson - Blue Willow

Sorsdahl - Spirit of Medicine Lake
Vincent Van Gogh - Almond Branches in Bloom